Thursday, March 5, 2009

Error in my Tetzaveh Post

I came across a few “Holier than Thou types”. One came out against me going to a gym to work out. (I don’t pretend to be a super-duper hoo-ha Chassid of anybody. I know that in my personal opinion Rabbi Glixsman of saintly memory volunteered for the US Army even though under age and ended up boxing anti-semites there. I consider him one of the Lamed Vav Saints in his life time. He never pretended to be more than he was.)

About a month or more ago a holier than thou type of man (not heaven forbid Rabbi Glixsman), married off his son. His wife found out that he was trying to run after every unmarried frum skirt this side of Tel Aviv and he is 70 and has to take certain medications that we all get in our spam boxes from time to time.. He went criticizing me.