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Yom Kippur Special, Parsha Hazinu, plenty of strengthening

I haven't the faintest idea why I cannot correct some of the sections that get cut off. They keep going to left like Hebrew and I keep centering them. Sorry- RP

Prayers needed for Moran bas Shoshana. For Yom Kippur only one prayer for Rachamim ben Charlotte Jacqueline for a successful healing.

Stop Abortions look at the reward of this lady O”H:,7340,L-3778275,00.html

Quotes of the week from Hadassah: According to TORAH my husband Yosef/I been reading, HASHEM created ADAM & CHAYA (EVE). HASHEM, did not create Adam & Steve, nor Adamina & Eve.

Don T. sent me this quote for American Citizens to reflect upon: “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” – Patrick Henry

From Judge Andrew Napolitano: "When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."--Thomas Jefferson

Yom Kippur Special

Boy am I happy that G-D gives us a new lease on life each year and a chance to repair our deeds.

Our FATHER our KING purifies us and lets us return to the book of life for a few pitiful words of

Resolving to give up our sins and being inscribed in the book of life, happiness and income.

Many years ago Brenda Lee sang a few songs where the words are appropriate for this time of year. “I’m Sorry” which is the theme of our Selichos! G-D can ask back the other song on Yom Kippur when we attempt to repent: “Will you still love ME tomorrow?” HASHEM can answer the sinner like Connie Francis – “Who's Sorry Now.” (Last song thanks to Chaya Yocheved) This year on my blog spot with more and more new readers, I have decided to concentrate on Repentance, Prayer and Charity and reprint for the new readers my rendition of the repentance prayer but this year I have added some more feeling behind our standard prayer.

I am also reposting the Hazinu Post from last year as I want to concentrate more on Yom Kippur.

Avoid the evil decree with Tshuvah (Repentance)

Are you already dead?

Look at this story from Eliyokum, he was really in bad shape and yet his Tshuvah and fighting to bring Jews back to G-D reversed a possible evil decree against him for his former behavior.

Rosh Hashanah is the Day of Judgement for the world, but as Jews we get an extra 10 days to right the ship. But are you already dead? I know the question might sound crazy but it’s really not. The Sages say that those without Torah are walking dead, and I see it everywhere I go. Values, morals, priorities, responsibility, these are words that have been forgotten amidst the garbage that we see on a day to day basis. Life has become who you know and what you drive. I can say this with some assurance because up until my time in jai in early 2008 for a high speed car chase on cocaine that was me. I just received my sentence a few days ago. I was looking at 15-30 years maximum, and Baruch Hashem I will be spending a week in jail starting October 27. THAT’S IT. My name "Eliyokum" means "my G-d stands me up" and that’s exactly what happened. I put aside my own thoughts and opinions about the world which were obvious garbage and decided I would consult a Rabbi for some perspective on the world which I obviously didn’t have. Less than 2 years later I'm sending out weekly emails to people pleading with Jews to just open their eyes and their minds for 5 minutes to see what Judaism has to offer. Judaism isn’t a skanky girl with no morals or a guy that will take you on a shopping spree, JUDAISM IS LIFE. Truth is the thing in this world that everyone seeks yet few find. Why? Because it’s hidden behind all the foolishness and temptations that people just can’t seem to avoid. Every week I ask people to post my link and help me reach 1million people. Every week there are some that do but an overwhelming majority don’t. I don’t understand it, there are so many people out there desperate for some truth and some awareness and its OUR job to help them. Please help your fellow Jews, every day that goes by we hit an all time low, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Jews need their pride back, we need to stop feeling like we're just like everyone else. G-d made us the most special people on earth to be a testament to HIS power and His creation. We were meant to live a Holy Life, above all the nonsense this world has turned into. The New Year is upon us, how do you want this year to turn out for you. The same ole year of bars and nightclubs or a year of truth, power, and knowledge. Trust me you didn’t party harder than I did and I can tell you with complete confidence that you will never experience happiness living a life with no fulfillment. Jews weren’t put on this earth to stand in line at the hottest nightclub. We were put on this earth to OWN the hottest nightclub (grin). Post my link on your page, invite all your friends to this group, and spread the word wherever you go. SELLMEYOURJEWISHSOUL.COM is fearless in its attempt to shake Jews from our slumber. Please be a part of the magic...LASHANA TOVA TIKATEIV V'TEICHATEM – Chose Life! – R.P.

If one were to look at people involved in high speed car chases on Cocaine the chance of them putting out many videos on Judaism on the site would approach zero. I notice many Jews who are very good, concerned people even attending Orthodox Schuls and keeping Kosher but when it comes to Shabbos or Family Purity, their observance to put it mildly is lacking. One Jew is concerned with saving the life of Rivqa Barry but it is not worth Shabbos or Yom Tov violation. Just the opposite is important. By observing G-D’s commandments maybe HE will listen more to ones prayer about the Barry girl. The same with tea parties on Shabbos – if they are within walking distance, one can attend them after Schul and Kiddush without carrying objects. The song goes that we don’t discuss on Shabbos talk about rulers but who cannot think or talk about wicked rulers pressuring Yisrael? Entering the New Year, I am sad that 5769 ended without the Moshiach coming.

The easiest way to make a Chillul HASHEM: The Anti-Defamation League is losing no time pushing four more of its freedom-destroying, pro-homosexual hate bills. This anti-Torah legislation is intent on banning criticism of homosexuality in the workplace, on the airwaves and internet, and in public schools- Lev. 18 and 20.

Yom Kippur does not atone for misdeeds done against ones fellow-Jew unless one first asks them for forgiveness. One should be careful to repay all overdue loans before Yom Kippur; after which one can beg for forgiveness for the delay. If one is being asked for forgiveness one should not be stubborn nor vengeful; rather one should be forgiving, the same way one hopes that Hashem will be forgiving of our sins. Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 131:4 - Danny

Avoid the evil decree with Tephillah (Prayer)

This was written in my Drasha back in 5766 since then I have added 3,500 readers so although that I hate to repeat myself; I am taking the liberty to reflect on this prayer and If I have personal time to add more this year below.

Repentance and reflection are in order everyday. However during Elul or the 10

days of Tshuvah between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur they are most


Since a Rabbi must be a leader and an example to the public, I would like to

focus on how I reflect about myself. It is very easy to find fault with others and sometimes

our own ego or Yetzer does not let us look at the faults and weaknesses

within us. I try to focus on the over-all picture and give you examples of how my

own Tshuvah thought process works. As the year 5764 comes to a close, I look

at my achievements (or lack of) both in Ruchanius and Gashmious. I’ve improved

my house and garden in Eretz Yisroel on the Gashmious side but what I have

I done on the Ruchanius side. Here comes the pessimist vs. the optimist.

I set my goals

to learn more Gemara – poor showing. I set my goal to finish a Seder of Mishnah

– I have done less than half a pretty poor showing. So already I have plenty to

repent for. Guarding my tongue and Lashon Hara – not bad but there is room

plenty of improvement. On the positive side, I started learning to be a Psak in

\ the laws

of Taharos HaMishpacha and now am delving into the laws of Mikvah.

OTOH I did not continue in my studies on the laws of Eruvin. I could go on and

on. Questions

come up and haunt me weekly – like was I a good enough son for my mother?

Could I have done better?

I saw the main headlines on TV – why did I waste my time on commentary and propaganda? In the Israel Army, the guard on duty is told to call out in the night – Stop give the password. HASHEM asked Adam “Ayacha” (Where are you)? Rav Mordechai Ben Simchon Shlita used to ask Kollelniks coming late to our Kollel “Ayfo atah”(Where are you)? We should all ask these questions inwardly but not outwardly towards others. The Gaon from Vilna had a little book in which he would write down all the “bitul Torah” (wasted time from learning Torah) that he did one year. One time one of his students peeked in and added up the numbers. They came out to 3 minutes! I wonder if I eat slower at lunch in Eretz Yisrael watching Fox & Friends than I would if I had a Gemara tape playing “Chulin”, “Niddah” or “Sanhedrin” in the background? Even Gashmious I have to ask myself, am I keeping my heart in shape by walking or swimming enough. I used to be a long distance swimming now 20 or 30 minutes maximum on fewer and fewer occasions (because of mixed swimming problems too). On everything I can ask myself “Where are you?” in is important. Did I pray hard enough for the health of my sick friends: Keren Neshama bas Esther Ruth, Chaya Melika Rachel bas Bayla Alta or Rachel bas Chana? Did I botch up my prayers. Reflecting about davening Mincha Erev Shabbos, I came late to Schul at least half a dozen times and only the early Mincha in Kiriat Sefer saved me most of the time. Then there were times that I was at a wedding (like the first Mishnah in Berachos with the sons of Rabban Gamliel) and I prayed Maariv by myself. There were other times I prayed Kiddush Levana by myself because of circumstances beyond my control (The first Motzei Shabbos it was cloudy in Yerushalayim and clear in Chashmonayim). Sometimes I was in a hurry or lost my concentration in prayers.

Did I behave properly in private the same way I behave publicly? (See the Leolam prayer with the preliminary Shema in the Korbanos section of the morning service.) Dear Reader, it is now your turn to reflect.

Erev Yom Kippur - The Meaning of & How to Confess

Contrary to Catholicism and other religions, the Jewish Confession is uttered silently before the L-RD G-D. Technically we can confess anytime during the Shemona Esray that we pray 3 times a day in the blessing "Forgive us our FATHER for we have sinned...” We have no intermediary but pray direct. Our most secret thoughts are known before the CREATOR who understands what is in our (brains) hearts and kidneys. We can confess everything from taking the pen home from the office to making phone calls not related to business or a few more sinister crimes than driving 2 miles over the speed limit. There must be regret and sincere resolve not to commit the sin again.

Sins are broken up into various types such as those of using the human body to sin. "Running to sin, wagging the tongue, looking with the eyes, listening to, hitting somebody, even attracting the opposite sex with perfume or after shave (especially if this is not to attract a spouse but to arouse inclinations), kicking or causing somebody to err."

The Chaya Adam in generalization kof-mem-gimmel 143 deals with the 10 days of Repentance. The translation of the sins is mine based on my knowledge of modern spoken Hebrew and the one from the Machzor (Yom Kippur Brayer Book is mentioned above). The holiness of the language and beauty of Hebrew allows us to break up our sins alphabetically. (Ashamnu, Bagadnu, Gazalnu, Debarnu Doefee, etc. = Aleph Bet Gimmel) We are brazenfaced, but thou are merciful and compassionate; we are stiff-necked but thou art long-suffering. We are full of sin, but thou are full of mercy. As for us, our days are as a shadow; thou art immutable, and thy years never-ending.

Our G-D and G-D of our fathers, Let our prayer come before thee, hide not thyself from our supplication, for we are not arrogant and stiff-necked that we should say before the O L-RD our G-D and G-D of our fathers, we are righteous and have not sinned; verily we have sinned.

We have transgressed: At this point we can add sins that start with Aleph. I ate detestable things - animals that were torn (Trafe), died of themselves (Nevailah), creeping & crawling things and invertebrates. I ate without a blessing before or after. (Did you ever grab a bite at work or on your hands-free cellphone while taking a drink or eating something and due the distraction of the call or road situation forget to bless after the meal/snack?) I ate Kilayim (wheat & barley grown together not multigrain cereals) Kilay Hakerem (grain that grew amidst the vineyard), Orlah (fruit before the 4th year after the tree was planted), Chadash (grain harvested before the time of Omer = the first day of Chol Hamoed Pessach in Israel or the second day of Pessach outside of Israel or planted and grown after the Omer is put on the altar - this occurs in some countries other than Israel.) Tevel (food that is not tithed = Truma Gedolah, Maaser Rishon, Truma Maaser, Maaser Sheni, Maaser Ani, and Revai. This applies only to food grown in Israel.), Truma Gedolah, Maaser Rishon, Truma Maaser, Maaser Sheni that was not redeemed, Challa (portion due to the Cohain if more than 1kg = 2.2lbs of flour is used for baking = 1/48th for a baker, 1/24th for a housewife or 41.7 grams-this applies to food baked even outside of Eretz Yisrael), fruit grown during the Shemita (Sabbatical year) after the prescribed time for eating and not with their holiness, and vegetables and spices grown by themselves in Shemita.

We have dealt treacherously: We have been treacherous with our fellow man or have dealt treacherously between two parties, we have return evil for good, We have made blessings that were not necessary, (ever make a blessing on wine and then drink water or soda and make another blessing?) and a blessing made without proper intention. I did not make the blessing of the Hear O Israel the L-RD our G-D, the L-RD is ONE prayer on time. I reneged on my performance of both positive and negative Mitzvos.

We have robbed: I have been haughty and it is written: "It is disgusting before G-D every haughty heart." (Ga’avah can be translated as pride)

We have spoken slander: We have spoken words but our heart felt the opposite. (Or as they say in the old Cowboy and Indian Movies "he speaks with a forked tongue.") I have spoken idle words, tale bearing, words of incitement, lies, filth, and business on Shabbos & Yom Tov. (It is very hard to stop an active brain - during Rosh Hashanah prayers, my thoughts were on the parts of the Drasha listed below under the Yom Kippur sermon during the repetition of the Shemona Esray and the same holds true for business ideas. Often I have asked a person if he is available to speak with after Shabbos as I have had a weekday idea and sometimes I blurt out stories on Shabbos that are related to a past trip or future vacation plans.)

We have acted perversely: I have taught something in error and have made many go from the true halachic path. (Ever tell your children a Halacha at a young age that is partially true - a three or four year old can only comprehend such and such, but you forget to re-educate them when they reach the age of understanding.) I have wasted my seed (referring to sperm cells only). I have been stubborn and refused to accept a halachic ruling. I have had filthy thoughts. I have looked upon places on the human body that should be covered up (Bmarkom airva). I have looked at females to receive pleasure from their form. I have lifted up my hand towards my fellow to beat him. I have embarrassed my fellow in public.

We have wrought wickedness:

We have acted perversely: We have made cheap the honor due to Shabbos and Yom Tov. We have been dishonorable to honor and respect due to our parents and teachers. We have poked fun at or been disrespectful to Torah Scholars.

We have We have done violence: We have desecrated Shabbos and Yom Tov. We have desecrated the L-RD's NAME.

We have framed lies:

We have counseled evil: I have placed myself in private property with a member of the opposite sex. (Yahadati atzme eem nashim/gvarim.)

We have spoken falsely: I have lost my temper.

We have scoffed: I have dressed the forbidden mixture of wool & linen together. I did not pay my employee money due him at the designated time and I violated the Command not to let the night pass without paying him.

We have revolted:

We have provoked: I have sworn falsely and frivolously. I pledged and did not pay. I have enjoyed this world without a blessing.

We have rebelled: We have committed iniquity: We have transgressed: We have oppressed: We have corrupted: We have committed abomination: We have gone astray and we have led others astray.

We have turned away from thy commandments etc. (The prayer book then has 44 sins two for each letter or in the case of Samach for the sound of the letter. There are a few interruptions for reflection where we say, "For all of these forgive us, pardon us and atone for us." (Note that many of the sins listed have to do with Lashon Hara - a gossiping tongue. Another group of sins are from the eyes and the other major group from deceit on our part.) Then we mention the sins in which we are obligated to sacrifice a Korban on the Altar, the sins that we are whipped for, the four death penalties and the sins that we know about and don't know about. The prayer ends as follows: "O my G-D, while yet I was unformed I was not worthy, and now that I have been formed, I am as though I had not been formed. Dust am I in my life; all the more so in my death. Behold me before you like a vessel filled with shame and confusion. Etc."

Finally, one can add his own prayers in Hebrew (Or French, English, etc.) such as for Tet - Foolish things I have done in private and public. Lamed - I taught things to my children/grandchildren in such a way that they erred in the concept of learning. Ayin - I set a bad example for my children/grandchildren that appeared to show them "Do as I say not as I do." Resh - I saw more than just the news/history channel/national geographic program and wasted time. I saw things on TV and the internet that I shouldn't have. Shin - I asked questions that distracted my Rabbi/Professor/Teacher from the subject matter and caused wasted (Torah/lesson) time among the members of the class. As the joke goes: "Wouldn't it be better if we could press control/alt/delete and erase all our sins".

Yom Kippur

The various prayers on Yom Kippur after the Shemona Esray during the repletion of the Cantor are often in alphabetically order. I would like to analyze a few of them to help the reader get more feeling out of his/her prayer.

The first prayer we read this year in Avraham Sinai's story is difficult to understand. Born 42 years ago in a Shiite village in eastern Lebanon, today he is an Orthodox Jew who studies in a yeshiva and is raising his seven children in Tzfat. On his walls are pictures of rabbis. His oldest son, Haim, served in the Givati brigade. His second daughter will be drafted soon. The younger children play Hezbollah terrorist and "shoot" each other.

Only the pita bread and the labeneh hint at the past of this Orthodox family from Tzfat, at its former life in Lebanon in the shadow of the Israel-Hezbollah war. Sinai has published a book about his road from Lebanon to Judaism, A Martyr from Lebanon: Life in the Shadow of Danger.

Today he is an integral part of the city's Orthodox community, and his previous life seems very far away. His family was with the South Lebanese Army (SLA), a Lebanese militia closely allied with Israel. Sinai, however, says that his connection to Israel preceded the SLA-IDF alliance.

the evening after we say “There was an evening and a morning on the sixth Day and Heaven and Earth were finished etc.” The Ark is opened. “O let our prayer ascend from evening and may our cry come in to YOU from dawn and let our son be clear till evening. Etc.” This prayer is a backwards alphabetically acrostic. It is our supplication that our prayers will be answered and makes atonement for us on Yom Kippur. The next page in the prayer book has wonderful praises such as: “The day is YOURS and the night also. YOU have prepared the light and the sun. For in HIS HAND are the deep places of the earth: the strength of the hills is HIS also. Etc.

Further on we have the next alphabetical acrostic. “Forgive, I beseech YOU The trespass THY people have wrought unto YOU and let not YOUR anger wax hot at YOUR children’s iniquity.” (Note the humble tone and the appeal to a loving father). The Machzor that I have tries to capture the Aleph Bet when he translates “Aminam ken yazar sochain banu”

Ay ‘tis thus Evil us hath in bond;

By Thy grace guilt efface and respond “Selachti” (I forgive)

My favorite Peyut of the whole service is my own personal feeling towards HASHEM – may HIS NAME be blessed. “Lo! As the potter molds plastic clay To forms his varying fancy does display; So in THY hand O G-D of love are we; Thy bond regard, let sin be veiled from THEE.

Lo! As the mason’s hand the bloc does hew To shapes sublime, or into fragments strew; So in THY HAND O G-D of life, are we; THY bond regard, let sin be veiled from THEE.” Etc. I don’t wish this on anybody but perhaps Arafat and Bin Laden etc. Have you ever been driving in the rain or ice and lose control of your vehicle?

I could not help thinking of all the mercy involved in the following Peyutim that we say before Kedusha (Holy, Holy, Holy is the L-RD of Hosts...). The prayer in Hebrew is "LeKALE Aruch Din". Unto G-D who orders Judgment: Who searches hearts on the Day of Judgment; Who reveals deep things in Judgment. Who ordains righteousness on the Day of Judgment ... Who is perfect and shows mercy ... remembers the covenant ... ... compassionate upon his handiwork ... purifies...restrains HIS indignation ... clothed in charity...pardons iniquities...terrible in praises...answers HIS supplicants... shows his mercy…possesses his servants... has compassion... preserves them that love him...supports his perfect ones. WE SEE HERE THAT WE ARE PRAISING HOW G-D’s MERCY OVERCOMES HIS JUDGMENT. WOULD WE BE JUDGED WITHOUT MERCY OY VOY!

I want to take only one or two more prayers this year and save more for next as I must get this out early for those of you who want to print the additive sections to the standard confession.

Another acrostic prayer that we sing together is "EEMRU LELOKIM". The poetic translation goes: Praise unto G-D

King of the Universe,

Potent to free HIS folk,

Faithful HIS word to keep,

Swift in forgiving sin,

Call HIS NAME gratefully

Praise unto G-D

Blessed, praised and powerful,

Granting his people grace; In the Hebrew one can see the repetition of the word forgiveness. The theme again is to allow for atonement.


The Peyut called "Maaser ELOKAYNU" used to have a contra prayer "Maaser Enosh". The works of G-D vs. the working of man. During the course of the years and perhaps a shortening of the ceremony or the loss of the prayer as in the case of the concluding "HaYom Timatzaynu" etc. where the wording was destroyed either through pogroms, book burnings or papal censors.

Other alphabetical acrostics, which one must read, the Hebrew to enjoy and look at their complications and variations are "The L-RD reigned, The L-RD reigns; The L-RD will reign for ever and ever. Again the theme is praises, mercy and forgiveness.

The Peyut that repeats itself with the confessions that everybody says out loud in

From Rabbi Jacobson - Yizkor on Yom Kippur is one time in the year when we have the
opportunity to honor and connect with the souls of our loved ones. As
we remember and mention the names of our beloved on this holiest day
of the year, it is customary to make a monetary contribution to a
cause that is dear to us. This material act brings an additional
measure of dignity and merit to the departed souls, and helps channel

their presence into our lives on earth.


The time has come to look into additions into the prayer for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Generally when we pray, we say the Shema and the words “Baruch Shaym Kavod …” are said in silence. On Yom Kippur we boldly say them out loud as the people did when the 72 Letter NAME was mentioned in the Temple and the people fellow on their faces shouting “Baruch Shaym Kavod … ”. In the Synagogue a number of times we fall on our face similar to the daily Arab Prayer. Guess where the Arabs got their ideas from?

Talmidim of the Gaon and the Baal HaTanya do not say in the evening prayer, “Key bayom HaZeh yekapair alechem le tachair etchem ...” as is said by the vast majority of the Congregations before the Kaddish and Shemona Esray at night.

All the 10 days from Rosh Hashana until the Nelah Prayer, we say “Remember us unto live, king who desires Bah Chaim (people continuing to live) and “write” us in the book of life for your sake oh living G-D” in the Nelah Prayer we use the word(s) ‘seal us” instead. Since this comes within the context of the daily blessing the Shield of Avraham – it is obvious that we are requesting that G-D shield us from death in the coming year by inscribing us in the book of life. My friend whom I have consulted a number of times by e-mail regarding animals; Dr. Aryeh Shore wrote this week. “I died last week”! He felt a heart attack coming on for the first time in his life and called the ambulance. By the time the ambulance came, he had blockage in his artery – with a just in time revival and a catheterization probe, the blockage in the artery was cleared and he has returned to life. This year when he says, “Zachor Lechaim Melech…” as I translated above he will say it with different feelings than you or I. This past year my friend from the age of three until now, Carl suffered a stroke just before his early retirement. I too was a candidate for a stroke with the palpitations and fibrillations that I was experiencing but I too like Aryeh managed to catch it before damage was done. The meaning of the prayer in this context is more powerful than a few words.

“Who is like unto you father of compassion. Remember your creatures Lechaim Bah Rachamim (to life in compassion)”. In the Torah and Halachic concepts the words in Hebrew are Av Ha Rachamim. When Av is used it is father. However, here it means source. Av Ha Tuma – the source of Tuma! Av Melacha – the main category of Melacha mistranslated as work on Shabbos. Thus we are talking here as G-D being the source/foundation of compassion in this world. When our Sages chose the words, they did not use “Compassionate One” but rather “Source of all Compassion” to have compassion upon us!

We continue on with the regular, “You are holy and your name is holy, Holy Beings every day praise you Selah!” But during the High Holidays we have a change in the prayers here. “Therefore place your fear HASHEM ELOKAYNU on all your works. (To understand this deeper and my day dream below one has to understand that anything created including inanimate objects such as parched earth below or water molecules have sustenance from HASHEM otherwise their physical molecules would fall apart. We can go down to the subatomic level of parched earth and find vibrations. Who controls the frequency and ordained the how the vibrations in the atoms function? Then comes on a higher level plant life like the parched Almond Trees in the Hannity Show that must have sparked in my subconscious the day dream – (if it were not during the middle of the most solemn prayer and related to the words of the prayer, I would have ignored it.) Then comes animals and fish which are ruled over by man and then ‘talkers’ as the Kabbala defines the term meaning Adam on this planet. So from the subatomic level to the giant galaxies, the fear of HASHEM exists. Of course mankind with free will is given a choice to be an Atheist or a Believer. I am sorry but I am not on the level to understand the real meaning of the word “Holy” or the function of “Holy Beings” that is too spiritual for me. I can try to imagine but cannot feel sure that I really understand the true meaning.

“And awesome (or perhaps trembling) fear upon what YOU created” “And all YOUR works will see (YOU within them) and prostrate themselves before you all of Creation.” Perhaps it is easy to image molecules, trees, cats and dogs prostrating themselves but enormous galaxies 100s of light years across doing this in synchronization on the Day of Judgement. “Make them into a gathered or coordinated group to YOUR will full heartedly.” The concept in this prayer is inspiring and everybody says it faster than a Pentium D Computer could do it.

Maybe I will continue this on Erev Yom Kippur if I find some time.

What have you done for Tzedakah (charity)?

Since Charity in individually and books, Shabbos Candles & Candelabras and holiday items may be taken from charity money if necessary and Torah Tutors for our children or grandchildren can be given up to 5% of our income or half of our 10% from our income. So one may feel that in such troubled times a set of Shass or Rambam at home is better than giving to somebody else – this charity if it furthers Torah Education is permissible. It is not permissible to take charity money to have the swankiest Bar Mitzvah or Wedding – that comes out of household expensives.

What is considered Charity? Something that will help the general public! The question is that what is helping the general public? If you have a volunteer ambulance such as Ezer MiTzion or ZAKA then it is surely charity. However, Magen Dovid Adom which charges money for transportation or the American Red Cross leaves a big question mark about if donating an ambulance is truly charity. Donating wheel chairs, canes, oxygen and other medical aids to various Gemachim (free loan organizations) help.

Other Charitable ideas such as soup kitchens for the poor or food distribution for the poor for Yom Tov or Shabbos, helping holocaust survivors cope, used clothing for the poor, money for a Synagogue or even an air conditioning system for the Synagogue, money to Yeshivos, Kollelim, books for the Synagogue and Kollelim from prayer books to the Talmud. Standers, chairs, tables, hot water heaters, etc. for the Kollel or Synagogue to even coffee to help keep the all night Torah Scholars away is charity.

I am sure that my readers can think of more from medical research to ramps for wheel chair access. However, sport stadiums, secular education other than professional training is not considered charity. Thus if you were to give money to your child to learn to be a computer technician, designer, lawyer, doctor, that could be taken as charity all the more so your neighbor’s child. However, money for hobbies from astronomy, baseball, cards, drums, elegance, football, gymnastics as much as it builds up your child – it is not charity and my desire to learn Spanish, French and maybe enough words of Russian to communicate is not considered charity money spent.

I often question certain “charity” organizations such as “Defenders of Wildlife” who spent millions on attacking one political candidate vs. the “National Parks Association” that helps further protect and enhance our National Parks. Be wary how and to whom you give your charity money. We have seen a Community Organization which was originally set up to help the poor turn into many individuals who even support illegal activities. Remember charity is supposed to be ten cents, agarot etc. for every dollar, peso, sterling, shekel etc. of take home pay. Please spend it wisely and check into whom you invest. Time is also charity get out and volunteer for helping groups like “Keren Ezra LeYeledim (children’s aid fund)” or big brother or sister project even citizens neighborhood patrol or a paramedic.

The Day Dream

I was standing in Schul and had just said the following which the Chazon was repeating slowing and in a fearsome song. “On Rosh Hashanah will be inscribed and on Yom Kippur will be sealed how many will pass from the earth and how many will be created; who will live and who will die; who will die at his predestined time and who before his time; who by water and who by fire, who by sword, who by beast, who by famine, who by thirst, who by storm, who by plague, who by strangulation, and who by stoning. Who will rest and who will wander, who will live in harmony and who will be harried, who will enjoy tranquility and who will suffer, who will be impoverished and who will be enriched, who will be degraded and who will be exalted.”

Suddenly my mind wandered off to CA. Just before Rosh Hashanah, Sean Hannity had on some CA farmers complaining about the drying up of trees and their prosperity to save a minnow from decreasing in population. I began to think about the prayers of the four forms of ‘life – line’ before G-D the inanimate like the planet and the minerals needed by all living beings and the water, plants, animals and last but not least humans. Now in CA one does not have to be a genius to understand what LA and the movie/TV culture there is producing or the abominations of San Francisco. Now the people of LA are drying up the earth and the trees and destroying the hard honest working farmers by taking their water and then saying no water to save a minnow. In my day dream the earth and trees came before G-D. “All mankind will pass before YOU like members of the flock. Like a shepherd pasturing his flock, making sheep pass under his staff, so shall You cause to pass, count, calculate, and consider the soul of all the living; and You shall apportion the fixed needs of all Your creatures and inscribe their verdict.” But it was not only man, but all creatures and inanimate objects. (Rabbi Yehuda Yosefi about the walls of a house testifying at the heavenly court about sins committed in the house.) So the earth and trees complained as well as the farmer. I saw the earth being given permission to shake up Los Angles and then afterwards San Fran. for the various violations of decency. Nothing else was in my day dream but Los Angeles. Had this occurred during Hannity instead of a solemn prayer, I would not think twice about it – but when it comes during Judgement, I take it with a grain or two of salt but as Yacov Avinu did – remember the thing.

We got a lot of baggage time to drop them and get about the Yom Kippur train:

Parsha Hazinu from 5767

. This SONG is the final Mussar before Moshe gives his blessing and departs to an area where he is destined to return his soul to the creator.

32:1 Give ear, ye heavens, and I will speak; and let the earth hear the words of my mouth. 2 My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distil as the dew; as the small rain upon the tender grass, and as the showers upon the herb. We have to remember for Rosh Hashana that dew, rain and income is a blessing from HASHEM. 3 For I will proclaim the name of the LORD; ascribe ye greatness unto our God. The foundation of the Stock Market according to the great Chofetz Chaim is that if man trusts in G-D then business is good as one can trust also in companies and the market. However, when faith grows weak and we turn away from HASHEM then HE in turn makes sure that our trust in money, solid investments and the market goes too. Our wealth comes from our faith. If not now then in the future. It will not necessarily lead to the $314,000,000 Mega Lottery but it can lead to a comfortable life style. 4 The Rock, His work is perfect; for all His ways are justice; a God of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and right is He. 5 Is corruption His? No; His children's is the blemish; a generation crooked and perverse. 6 Do ye thus requite the LORD, O foolish people and unwise? Is not He thy father that hath gotten thee? Has He not made thee, and established thee? 7 Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations; ask thy father, and he will declare unto thee, your elders, and they will tell thee. We are not talking about repairing our own blemishes or remember a grandfather who broke away from tradition and Orthodoxy but going back to the foundation. Certain foundations will remain even in the most removed Reform family but it is much better to have the full rich halachic tradition. 8 When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance, when He separated the children of men, He set the borders of the peoples according to the number of the children of Israel. Guess what there is no land of Oz and there is no Palestine! 9 For the portion of the LORD is His people, Jacob the lot of His inheritance. 10 He found him in a desert land, and in the waste, a howling wilderness; He compassed him about, He cared for him, He kept him as the apple of His eye. 11 As an eagle that stirs up her nest, hovers over her young, spreads abroad her wings, takes them, bears them on her pinions-- 12 The LORD alone did lead him, and there was no strange god with Him. 13 He made him ride on the high places of the earth, and he did eat the fruitage of the field; and He made him to suck honey out of the crag, and oil out of the flinty rock; 14 Curd of kine, and milk of sheep, with fat of lambs, and rams of the breed of Bashan, and he-goats, with the kidney-fat of wheat; and of the blood of the grape thou drank foaming wine. One who observes and believes in HASHEM can have all this because everything is from G-D. All we have to do is follow his commandments and if we stray a little repent. 15 But Jeshurun waxed fat, and kicked--thou didst wax fat, thou didst grow thick, thou didst become gross--and he forsook God who made him, and contemned the Rock of his salvation. 16 They roused Him to jealousy with strange gods, with abominations did they provoke Him. 17 They sacrificed unto demons, no-gods, gods that they knew not, new gods that came up of late, which your fathers dreaded not. 18 Of the Rock that begot thee thou were unmindful, and didst forget God that bore thee. 19 And the LORD saw, and spurned, because of the provoking of His sons and His daughters. There is a story of a very religious man who donated hundreds of millions into the Chareidi Community. His son married an intelligent woman of means but during her forbidden days used to satisfy his Yetzer with a woman of pleasure. The official statement by the police is that he died from a heart attack while the woman of leisure claimed it was from an overdose of a substance. This is what we are warned about. The first generation is relatively most in income and very G-D fearing. The second generation wealthier and G-D fearing and the third generation very wealthy but the G-D fearing part is not conveyed to the next generation who uses the wealth for a nefarious purpose. 20 And He said: 'I will hide My face from them, I will see what their end shall be; for they are a very froward generation, children in whom is no faithfulness. Now the people have really done it and have turned the L-RD against them. They will no longer get full miracles but sort of half hearted miracles if any until there will be none. 21 They have roused Me to jealousy with a no-god; they have provoked Me with their vanities; and I will rouse them to jealousy with a no-people; I will provoke them with a vile nation. 22 For a fire is kindled in My nostril, and burns unto the depths of the nether-world, and devours the earth with her produce, and sets ablaze the foundations of the mountains. 23 I will heap evils upon them; I will spend Mine arrows upon them; 24 The wasting of hunger, and the devouring of the fiery bolt, and bitter destruction; and the teeth of beasts will I send upon them, with the venom of crawling things of the dust. 25 Without shall the sword bereave, and in the chambers terror; slaying both young man and virgin, the suckling with the man of gray hairs. 26 I thought I would make an end of them, I would make their memory cease from among men; 27 Were it not that I dreaded the enemy's provocation, lest their adversaries should misdeem, lest they should say: Our hand is exalted, and not the LORD hath wrought all this.' 28 For they are a nation void of counsel, and there is no understanding in them. Sounds just like our non-religious government today. 29 If they were wise, they would understand this, they would discern their latter end. I hope that this wisdom is upon all of us. 30 How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had given them over and the LORD had delivered them up? 31 For their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies themselves being judges. 32 For their vine is of the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah; their grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter; 33 Their wine is the venom of serpents, and the cruel poison of asps. 34 'Is not this laid up in store with Me, sealed up in My treasuries? 35 Vengeance is Mine, and recompense, against the time when their foot shall slip; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that are to come upon them shall make haste. I feel this last Pasuk is like reading the headlines for the next year. How will we handle our judgement tomorrow night? 36 For the LORD will judge His people, and repent Himself for His servants; when He sees that their stay is gone, and there is none remaining, shut up or left at large. 37 And it is said: Where are their gods, the rock in whom they trusted; 38 Who did eat the fat of their sacrifices, and drank the wine of their drink-offering? let him rise up and help you, let him be your protection. 39 See now that I, even I, am He, and there is no god with Me; I kill, and I make alive; I have wounded, and I heal; and there is none that can deliver out of My hand. 40 For I lift up My hand to heaven, and say: As I live for ever, 41 If I whet My glittering sword, and My hand take hold on judgment; I will render vengeance to Mine adversaries, and will recompense them that hate Me. 42 I will make Mine arrows drunk with blood, and My sword shall devour flesh; with the blood of the slain and the captives, from the long-haired heads of the enemy.' 43 Sing aloud, O ye nations, of His people; for He doth avenge the blood of His servants, and doth render vengeance to His adversaries, and doth make expiation for the land of His people. What is going to happen at the end of the War of Gog and Magog is that only the righteous will be standing. Peace can finally be established for 1000 years. Then on that day all the nations will know that the L-RD is one and HIS name is one.

44 And Moses came and spoke all the words of this song in the ears of the people, he, and Hoshea the son of Nun. 45 And when Moses made an end of speaking all these words to all Israel, 46 he said unto them: 'Set your heart unto all the words wherewith I testify against you this day; that ye may charge your children therewith to observe to do all the words of this law. 47 For it is no vain thing for you; because it is your life, and through this thing ye shall prolong your days upon the land, whither ye go over the Jordan to possess it.' Just do it and go for it and take from the Canaanites the land that HASHEM has promised you.

48 And the LORD spoke unto Moses that selfsame day, saying: 49 'Get thee up into this mountain of Abarim, unto mount Nebo, which is in the land of Moab, that is over against Jericho; and behold the land of Canaan, which I give unto the children of Israel for a possession; 50 and die in the mount whither thou goes up, and be gathered unto thy people; as Aaron thy brother died in mount Hor, and was gathered unto his people. 51 Because ye trespassed against Me in the midst of the children of Israel at the waters of Meribath-kadesh, in the wilderness of Zin; because ye sanctified Me not in the midst of the children of Israel. 52 For thou shall see the land afar off; but thou shall not go thither into the land which I give the children of Israel.' Moshe, your time has come. As an act of Chessed and Rachamim, I am giving you a short time to bless the tribes and finish writing the Torah as you depart from this world. Just as Aaron died by a kiss from the L-RD so too you will receive death with a smile on your face and be gathered unto ME. There you will teach Torah and there will be no rebellious nation before thee.

Also view:

Yitzchak Ritz shared this with a few friends: A friend of mine posted a wonderful question to me:

“Yitz, I was wondering if you could help me out with a question? If a person was brought up in an atheist family and has recently taken an interest in looking into religion, where does he/she begin? How can one possibly discover the one true God, if in fact there is only one true God? Therefore, this seeker has two formidable barriers to surmount. The first is to determine whether there is any God at all and, if there is a God, the second would be to determine which one(s) is the true God.”

My friend, I absolutely love your question. I am trying to imagine myself in your shoes. Where would I go with my spiritual seeking? Imagine having no attachment to any particular religious view. Having atheist parents, even the question of G-d is open before you. Where would you go? There is so much from what to choose from.

My comprehension of G-d, to the degree that I am capable, is infused with my years of study and personal experiences based on Judaism and the many contemplations and commentaries for thousands of years on Judaism. So the place where I am now is infused with tens of thousands of bits of data that has helped me form my outlook. It’s hard to imagine that without all my accumulated data and wisdom from others before me, how I would proceed with this search.

If I was starting with a clean slate I would probably try to keep things at a simpler level and not get involved in choosing sides or dogmas. The simplest way that I can express whether or not one should believe in G-d is to take a look at the two most obvious options.

Option #1 - G-d does not exist and everything we know and experience is all random accidents. Our existence has no designated purpose or meaning.

Option #2 – G-d exists and we are all here for a purpose to grow and live meaningful lives.

I really believe it boils down to that. Everything else is rationalizations that try to obfuscate this underlying truth. We have lots of motivations to muddy these waters with all kinds of other possibilities. If we remove negative elements such as the ego or emotional anger or hurt, we inevitably come back to these two choices.

For those that are hung up about other possibilities, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s brilliant book G-d In Search Of Man: A Philosophy of Judaism deals with most other possibilities. (Join our book club and discussions on the book here.)

Once we have established that most likely G-d exists (and for those of us who have had time to contemplate and study; we KNOW with our hearts, souls and entire being that He exists) the next step is to figure out which religious teachings and pathway to Him is right for you.

I would start with two aspects.

The first would be Western civilization because that is the world I live in. That is not to say that Eastern religions don’t have much wisdom in them, they do. It’s just that I would start with what the civilization that I live in, believe in.

There are three great western religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. All of which have stood the test of time ranging from 3,500 years for Judaism, 2000 years for Christianity, and 1400 years for Islam.

The second aspect would be to see what factors these three religions all have in common and agree upon. Unfortunately most people are unaware that by far all three religions have many more aspects in common that they agree on then the few aspects that they disagree on.

Things that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are in agreement:

#1 - Monotheism – There is only the One true Omnipotent G-d who created the heavens and earth.

#2 - The Seven Noahide Laws that is incumbent upon every human being on this planet to observe:

1. Prohibition of Idolatry: You shall not have any idols before God.
2. Prohibition of Murder: You shall not murder. (Genesis 9:6)
3. Prohibition of Theft: You shall not steal.
4. Prohibition of Sexual Promiscuity: You shall not commit any of a series of sexual prohibitions, which include adultery, incest, bestiality and male homosexual intercourse.
5. Prohibition of Blasphemy: You shall not blaspheme God's name.
6. Dietary Law: Do not eat flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive. (Genesis 9:4)
7. Requirement to have just Laws: You shall set up an effective judiciary to enforce the preceding six laws fairly.

Beyond the seven Noahide laws all three firmly believe and practice a host of wonderful qualities such as:

#3 – Positive acts and traits such as kindness to strangers, hospitality, forgiveness, charity, prayers and blessings, respect for parents and elders, morality, modesty, respect for the body (alive or in death) and human dignity, etc.

All three preach that we have a personal responsibility to each other and to ourselves to transcend our more animalistic natures and to follow in the pathways of G-d.

To sum up, I believe that these two simple steps are the cornerstone of religion:

1. Determining that life can not be random and therefore G-d exists.

2. Studying and practicing the beliefs that all three major western religious are in agreement about.

These two steps make the most logical sense to begin a spiritual practice when starting from an anti-religious or no religious background at all.

There are communities today that practice this approach, they are called Noahides. You can google them or check out these websites to learn more.

FAQ about Noahides -

List of Rabbis across the United States (and the world) who are happy to answer any questions about Noahides -

I hope this answers your question. Please feel free to ask any follow up questions. I am happy to try to answer any questions about religion or G-d or deal with any troubling aspects that anyone is sincerely struggling with.

Tonight (Sat & Sunday) is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. May everyone have a Leshana Tova Tikoseiv Veseichoseim Le'Alter LeChaim Tovim U'Leshalom which is Hebrew for "May you immediately be inscribed and sealed for a Good Year and for a Good and Peaceful Life"

Amen! ;-)


Any work that may not be done on Shabbat may not be done on Yom Kippur. In addition there is a Mitzva in the Torah unique to Yom Kippur: afflicting oneself.
To fulfill this Mitzva properly one should keep in mind that the Yom Kippour restrictions are a fulfillment of this 25-hour long Mitzva.

This Mitzva includes the following prohibitions:
- On Yom Kippur one may not eat nor drink.
If fasting will affect your health, contact a doctor and a Rabbi for instructions.
- On Yom Kippur one may not bathe; one may not even get wet unnecessarily.
Upon awakening and after relieving oneself one can wash until the knuckles.
Before Birkat Cohanim, the Cohanim wash until their wrists.
- On Yom Kippur no anointing is allowed. This includes perfumes and deodorants.
- On Yom Kippur one may not wear leather shoes.
See Halacha #133 for details. (
- On Yom Kippur one may not have marital relations.
All the above are forbidden from candle-lighting on Erev Yom Kippur until after Havdallah some 25 hours later.
Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 133:1

Kiddush Levana (the monthly blessing on the waxing moon) should be said when one is happy, and the 10 days of repentance are solemn days of introspection.
Some people delay saying Kiddush Levana until Motzei Yom Kippur. However, if you live in an area where you get a lot of rain and clouds or a major storm with an associated high and low is associated with it – Rabbi Gosland Shlita told me “Don’t Play Games – just say it!” On my last trip to FL we had 16 straight days of rain. I managed to catch Kiddush Levana in a break in the clouds at around 10:30 or 11 at night on the next to the last night for saying it. On Motzei Yom Kippur Kiddush Levana can be said while still fasting since one is happy with the knowledge the Hashem has forgiven ones sins. This is unlike Motzei 9 B'Av when one has to first eat and put on shoes so as to end the mourning, before saying Kiddush Levana. Others prefer to say Kiddush Levana before Yom Kippur, since every Mitzvah counts towards tipping the scales in our favor to be granted a good year. Similarly, some people buy their 4 Minim (Lulav, etc) before Yom Kippur.

This week's Shabbat is known as "Shabbat Tshuvah" in honor of its Haphtarah which starts with the words "Tshuvah Yisrael"; Repent O Israel! The Minchag is for the Rabbi or some other dignitary to be given the Haftorah of Tshuvah.
Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 130:5, 6 Shabbat Shalom and G'mar Chatima Tova - Danny

Halacha regarding Shiurim, Kiddush or no Kiddush, Grace After Meals for the People who are ill.

It was obvious to me from my experiment of trying to explain the Shiurim the last time around that at least half of my readers did not get them. I then called upon Rav Shlomo Mimran Shlita the Dayan for help. My first question was – if we see in the Grace after Meals Prayers in some Siddurim where Yom Kippur is mentioned in the “Ya’aleh V’Yavo” Prayer; do we make Kiddush for the ill? The answer is found in the end of the Mishnah Berurah.

How do we know how much water is permissible and what is the time interval? According to the Sages it is Maaleh Mugmo (he drinks keeps it in his cheeks). One measures by filling the mouth up with water and then spitting it out into a one time cup. The drawing a line slightly under the volume. I asked Rav Mimran what about the tallest man in the world 246 cm or 8.5 feet plus vs. a small woman of 4’10 or about a meter and a half or less. We discussed the fact that if Og Melech HaBashan had to drink or Goliad vs. David that both would drink more that David who was short and they were huge. One can drink such an amount and wait 9 minutes for the next glass and continue all day and be filled with liquids. Now a pregnant woman or certain ill people cannot wait.

As for food the amount forbidden to eat is the size of a date and above. One measures out 30 cc and then takes less. If he can compact cake or food into this area then once every 9 minutes of waiting he can do this again. A diabetic going into shock can eat and others like cancer patients under chemo. The question is what is done with come patients that need to have a full or fuller stomach for certain medications.

Medicines can be taken in patients without life threatening diseases if necessary for permanent health conditions of course one should ask his own MD and a local Orthodox Rabbi. However, with the exception of something drastic vitamins should not be taken.

Now if one were to eat every 9 minutes he would eventually eat enough he will have to make the special blessing after grains or certain fruits or the grace blessing after a bread meal.

When Zionists made a deal with the Nazis by Edwin Black – special to the JPost.

On the afternoon of August 7, 1933, at 76 Wilhelmstrasse in Berlin, on a day when well-dressed Jews in Germany could not step into the street without fear, when laboring kibbutzniks in Palestine proudly swept the midday perspiration from their foreheads, when anxious German businessmen worried the next telegram would cancel yet another order for increasingly unsellable Reich goods, when Nazi organizers throughout Europe gleefully reviewed statistics on Jewish populations and Jewish assets within their midst, when Polish blackshirts viciously beat Jews in town squares, when ordinary jobless Germans wondered where they could find enough money for the next meal, when young Jewish boys in German schools were forced to stand painfully before their classmates as examples of detestable vermin, when defiant Jews across America and England raised their fists in anger proliferating their punishing anti-German boycott, when Jewish Palestinian exporters wondered nervously whether their biggest customer, Germany, would retaliate, when thousands of homeless German Jews existed as refugees and some in concentration camps, when the prospects for Jewry in Europe seemed over, on this fateful day in the first summer of the Hitler regime, an official delegation of four German and Palestinian Zionists and one independent Palestinian businessman were ushered into an Economics Ministry conference room. The Jews had been authorized by a combine of Jewish and Zionist bodies to negotiate with the Third Reich.

After hours of wrangled debate, Hans Hartenstein, director of the Reich Office of Currency Control, was about to call the meeting to an inconclusive close when a messenger from Deutsche Reichpost delivered a telegram from the German consul in Tel Aviv. The telegram advised Hartenstein that a coalition of official and commercial Zionist interests in Palestine was the best way to break the growing Jewish-led worldwide anti-Nazi boycott that was crippling the Hitler regime in its first months. A deal with the Zionists would be necessary.

And so it was done. The Transfer Agreement was created. There was no hard-copy contract with names penned at the bottom. The agreement was actually an official Reich decree, 54/33, issued three days later, on August 10, by the Reich Economics Ministry. The decree authorized the Zionists to create two transfer clearinghouses, one under the supervision of the German Zionist Federation in Berlin, one under the supervision of Anglo-Palestine's trust company in Palestine. The office in Tel Aviv was called Haavara Trust and Transfer Office Ltd. Often called Haavara Ltd. for short, this corporation was organized under the Palestinian commercial code and operated by business managers. Its stock was wholly owned by the Anglo-Palestine Bank, which was later renamed Bank Leumi.

Haavara, the Hebrew word for transfer, quickly became a synonym for transfer.

The bargain was this: Jews could leave Germany before being pauperized, and take some of their assets with them in the form of new German goods which the Zionist movement would then sell in Palestine and eventually throughout much of the world market. The proceeds would be given to the emigrants, with a portion reserved for state-building projects such as industrial infrastructure and land purchase.

Jews could not enter Palestine without a so-called "Capitalist Certificate" issued by the British proving they possessed the equivalent of $5,000. Transfer made this possible. Addressing more than just active emigrants, the Transfer Agreement allowed "potential emigrants" to protect their assets in these special bank accounts which again could not be accessed without purchasing and reselling German goods. Between the active and potential emigration accounts, the Transfer apparatus meant millions of reichsmarks - to both the Germans and Zionists.

The more goods the Germans sold, the more Jews would be permitted out of Germany and into Palestine, and the more money would be available to build the Jewish state. The price of this commerce-linked exodus would be the abandonment of the commercial war against Nazi Germany. The punishing, global anti-Nazi boycott that organizers loudly promised would topple the Hitler regime in its first year, this growing nonsectarian and interfaith coalition that every day was vituperatively breaking German contracts, canceling German orders and diverting German business to any Depression-era competitor who would step forward. Jews were fighting back. The Nazis had decided that this moral counterattack - one which Germany feared more than any other Jewish response - had to be stopped.

It did not matter whether the anti-Nazi boycott could have succeeded in real terms. Boycott effectiveness is not measured in dollars and pfennigs but in ergs of fear. The Germans feared the mythical international Jewish conspiracy of global economic manipulation more than any other.


The Zionists understood it. And soon the Jewish and nonsectarian boycott organizations came to grips with it. One could not save a Jew from the Nazis without selling German goods. That killed the boycott before the boycott could even begin to kill the Third Reich.

Whole branches of Jewry would wither, but the trunk would survive - Herzl's words. This one time, this crucial and unparalleled time, the Jewish emergency would be used to secure a future, not ransom a past. From this crisis of humiliation, agony and expulsion would come sanctuary, nationhood and a new Jew, with a new home to call his own. In its various public and private forms, the Transfer Agreement shifted some 60,000 Jews and $100 million - almost $1.7 billion in 2009 dollars - to Jewish Palestine. Ultimately, the Transfer Agreement saved lives, rescued assets and seeded the infrastructure of the Jewish state to be.


DURING THE prewar years, the Transfer Agreement tore the Jewish world apart, turning leader against leader, prompting rebellion and even assassination within the Yishuv and Diaspora alike. Jewish Agency de-facto foreign minister Haim Arlosoroff, who had negotiated the deal on behalf of the Zionist Mapai Party, was assassinated on an empty stretch of the Tel Aviv beach (near where the Tel Aviv Hilton now stands), presumably by Revisionist Zionists of the Ze'ev Jabotinsky camp. The Revisionist Zionists, a minority at the time, violently opposed the deal with the Nazis. Today streets everywhere in Israel are named for Arlosoroff.

American Jewish leaders and organizations such as the American Jewish Congress and Stephen Wise – he was very opposed to the land of Israel & a Jewish State and did nothing to aid the German Jews entering the States when Roosevelt sent them back. However, he did manage to get his followers to vote for Roosevelt in the next elections. Most of the children of his followers are the rich socialist types that aid Gay Marriage, wealth distribution while their millions sit in trusts outside of the IRS jurisdiction that Glenn Beck and I oppose - choosing the Zionist solution - were forever soul-torn by the decision to abandon the organized and cohesive boycott against the Nazis. Official Jewry left the protest war to a ragtag, disorganized but ardent movement devoid of support where it counted. However, without the boycott, there would have never been a Transfer Agreement.

Despite the searing communal outrage, as the situation for Jews in Europe worsened, variations on the same German transfer arrangement were readied by Zionists for Czechoslovakia, Hungary and other Nazi-occupied or dominated countries. Then, when war erupted, when dispossession turned to annihilation, the Transfer was used to rescue whatever and whoever could be rescued. The debate disappeared. However, by that time, the Transfer Agreement had been curtailed or terminated in most respects.

For almost three decades, the Transfer Agreement and the anguished details surrounding it were forgotten. Finally, in 1984, when the full story became known with the original publication of The Transfer Agreement, the book launched a fiery debate, a debate few were prepared to comprehend. Back then, the world and the Jewish community were still confronting the genocide, the survivors and the guilty.

The world's emphasis was on the murderous events of the war years. Organized remembrance was collectively fighting an anti-Semitic revisionist movement that was trying to deny or minimize the Holocaust with rabid pseudo-history. Few, especially in the English-speaking world, had publicly spoken in detail about the financial aspects of the Holocaust until the book's publication. Few had used the words "Zionist" and "Nazi" in the same sentence until this book did.

For perspective, consider that the very first television attempt to treat the Holocaust was a TV series called The Holocaust, which aired in 1978 - the same year neo-Nazis marched through Skokie, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. That was the year, 1978, research began on The Transfer Agreement. At the time, the Second Generation movement of children of Holocaust survivors was just forming. The First World Gathering of Holocaust Survivors was only in the planning stage. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum, which received its charter in 1980, was several years and many controversies away from opening. Organized Holocaust education was essentially nonexistent. For society and for survivors, the dominant priority was coming to grips with the genocide - not the assets.

Today, society understands most of the outward manifestations of what happened. Now the world has turned almost entirely to other more worldly questions: assets.

Pilfered Swiss bank accounts, stolen art, blood gold, expropriated property, slave wages, unpaid insurance policies and financial collusion. Everywhere the accusations and the defenses swirl not about the issue of murder but around the issue of money. First the world struggled with the death toll. Now the world struggles with the dollar toll.

As such, it places the Transfer Agreement at the forefront. While international efforts continue to recover lost Jewish assets, the Transfer Agreement stands alone as the sole asset rescue that actually worked. And it worked contemporaneously, not with the benefit of hindsight, not lubricated by the after-tears of devastation but in the hellish frenzy of the Nazified day as Zionist leaders looked over their shoulder to remember the past and up to the heavens to envision the future. They remembered and reminded their contemporaries that even Moses was commanded by God to take the sheep and goats. In that context, the world can examine the enormous task facing the Zionist negotiators of 1933 and the monumental arrangements they sealed.

A few coldly realistic Zionist leaders in an office on Wilhelmstrasse were willing to make those decisions. It helped save a people. It helped create a state. Nonetheless, 25 years after the book was published and more than 75 years after the deal was negotiated, the nagging questions still haunts all those who confront the Transfer Agreement. Was it madness? Or was it genius?

The writer is the award-winning best-selling author of IBM and the Holocaust, and his first book, The Transfer Agreement, has now been rereleased in a 25th anniversary edition (Dialog Press), with an afterword by Abraham Foxman.

I was just having a nose in wiki about the Olympics, I came across an incredulous story of a Nazi, who instigated arrests deportations and mass murder in Estonia and Italy, a member of the einzastgruppen extermination squads, he was convicted and due to be hanged, a commute to life was over ruled by us high commissioner of Germany John J Mcloy, who pardoned the most vile murders of the time all high ranking Nazi’s, or mass murderers, one which caught my eye was Martin Sandberger he deported 14,500 people and ordered the deaths of at least a 1000 ,men woman and children, he served 7 yrs in jail until he was released,

As of September 2009, Sandberger is alive. He is the highest ranked SS officer known to be alive, and one of the oldest living SS officer of World War II. and a war criminal who never paid for his crimes, what can we do!
would the Wiesenthal institute be able to get him, can a court order his arrest
dynamic was accused of 14 murders this animal killed thousands, he arranged the deportation of Jews from Italy, and Estonia he worked as a extermination commander,, he's living free , I want him hanged but that wont happen so can we organize to get him jailed, indictments still are on the statute books
- Kevin

When is a man considered Dead?

Inyanay Diyoma

Instead of missiles in Eastern Europe:

Some people can say what they want about politicians and diplomats but they don’t know how to win a war. One has to have some military experience and have learned or read about some sort of tactics to run a war. Either you are there to win it or not. Israel cannot afford the luxury of losing and Afghanistan can’t be lost for the sake of western society. Yet the politicians don’t know what damage they are doing.

Time to say “NO”!,7340,L-3778526,00.html

For freedom lovers:,7340,L-3779482,00.html

From Glenn Beck:

Sweat It Out at Home! From Jillian Michaels

When you're feeling the pinch of tough economic times — not to mention the demands of family life and other obligations — sometimes the gym just isn't an option. But that's no reason to skip a workout! There are plenty of ways to break a sweat and get fit in and around your home. And you don't have to buy expensive equipment to do it.

Here are just a few of my favorite at-home workout ideas:

  • All the exercises on my site can be done at home — all you need is some inexpensive equipment — a pair of dumbbells, a mat, and a jump rope — and some space. If you don't want to spring for equipment, there are plenty of hard-core exercises that use your own body weight as resistance. The push-up is a classic exercise that will tone your chest, arms, and back; the lunge is fantastic for strengthening your lower body.
  • Add some cardio to your morning routine with a run around the neighborhood or a quick jump-rope session. Because cardio represents weight-loss bonus points, add it in whenever you can. Working out in the morning, though, is a great way to wake yourself up and boost your energy for the entire day.
  • When your kids head off to bed at night, do your circuit-training exercises. When little Jimmy's sleeping, you won't be distracted — you'll be ready to kick butt.
  • Get creative and put to use common household items, such as soup cans and water bottles, as exercise equipment.
  • Pick up a few workout DVDs. I have a whole collection of fitness DVDs that give you a complete workout: No More Trouble Zones offers a hard-core strength-training routine, Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism gives you a killer cardio workout, and 30-Day Shred is an intense total-body blast that's great when you're short on time.

Good Shabbos Everyone. On Rosh Hashana it is written, on Yom Kippur it is sealed how many will pass from the earth and how many will be created; who will live and who will die; who will die at his predestined time, and who before his time; who by water and who by fire, who by sword, who by beast, who by famine, who by thirst, who by storm, who by plague, who by strangulation, and who by stoning. Who will rest and who will wander, who will live in harmony, and who will be troubled, who will enjoy tranquility and who will suffer, who will be made poor and who will grow rich, who will be degraded and who will be exalted. But repentance, prayer and charity can remove the evil of the decree. (Unesaneh Tokef prayer)
On Rosh Hashana we will pass in front of Hashem just as the sheep pass before their shepherd. Hashem will examine all of our deeds from the past year. Prayer is one of the keys to teshuvah. Hashem hears the prayers of the broken heart.
One year, Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov said to Rabbi Ze'ev Kitzes, one of his senior disciples: "You will blow the shofar for us this Rosh Hashanah. I want you to study all the kavanos (kabbalistic meditations) that pertain to the shofar, so that you should meditate upon them when you do the blowing."
Rabbi Ze'ev applied himself to the task with joy and trepidation: joy over the great privilege that had been accorded him and trepidation over the immensity of the responsibility. He studied the Kabbalistic writings that discuss the multifaceted significance of the shofar and what its sounds achieve on the various levels of reality and in the various chambers of the soul. He also prepared a sheet of paper on which he noted the main points of each kavanah, so that he could refer to them when he blew the shofar.
Finally, the great moment arrived. It was the morning of Rosh Hashanah, and Rabbi Ze'ev stood on the reading platform in the center of the Baal Shem Tov's synagogue amidst the Torah scrolls, surrounded by a sea of tallis-draped Jews. At his table in the southeast corner of the room stood his master, the Baal Shem Tov, his face aflame.
An awed silence filled the room in anticipation of the climax of the day -- the piercing blasts and sobs of the shofar. Rabbi Ze'ev reached into his pocket and his heart froze: the paper had disappeared! He distinctly remembered placing it there that morning, but now it was gone.
Furiously, he searched his memory for what he had learned, but his distress over the lost notes seemed to have incapacitated his brain: his mind was a total blank. Tears of frustration filled his eyes. He had disappointed his master, who had entrusted him with this most sacred task. Now he must blow the shofar like a simple horn, without any kavanos. With a despairing heart, Rabbi Ze'ev blew the litany of sounds required by law and, avoiding his master's eye, resumed his place. At the conclusion of the day's prayers, the Baal Shem Tov made his way to the corner where Rabbi Ze'ev sat sobbing under his tallis.
"Gut Yom Tov, Reb Ze'ev!" he called, "That was a most extraordinary shofar-blowing we heard today!" "But Rebbe ... I ..." "In the king's palace," said the Baal Shem Tov, "there are many gates and doors, leading to many halls and chambers. The palace-keepers have great rings holding many keys, each of which opens a different door. But there is one key that fits all the locks, a master key that opens all the doors. "The kavanos are keys, each unlocking another door in our souls, each accessing another chamber in the supernal worlds. But there is one key that unlocks all doors, that opens up for us the innermost chambers of the divine palace. That master key is a broken heart."
By davening to Hashem with a broken heart, we can open up the gates of Heaven. (By Rabbi S.Y. Zevin) Good Shabbos Everyone.

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Be well and have a great Shabbos and may your Elul Repentance, Prayers and Charity help, A good sealing in the book of life, health and happiness.

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