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Instead of Parsha Pinchas a story, Part of Perkei Avos Chapter 6 Mishnah 6

From Shula: A concept 30 years before it could become a reality:

I also recall in the early 1960’s AT&T discussing the possibility of visible phone calls. Today we call them Skype video calls or cellphones with photographs.

My story for this week in distances covering tremendous mile and gaps via computer.

Rabbi Pauli we are a community with 50 Jewish Families but on 3 are Frum!

All personal information has been removed from this story: Toda Raba Rabbi, I so much appreciate your kindness. I am in Kamloops which is a 2.5 hour drive from the nearest orthodox synagogue at the west coast in Vancouver, British Columbia. …

Recently we read again that we are taught not to trust in the strength of man or equipment (horses) but instead to depend on HaShem for all of our needs and that’s what I will do. I want nothing more in life than to be more Torah observant, and to do that we will need to move closer to an Orthodox synagogue. HaShem will show us how and where to go. Perhaps He will show us a family in Vancouver that will allow us to stay over some Shabbats so that we can walk to Schul with them then bus back home after sundown Saturday while we look for a way to make the more permanent move to a Jewish Community. I have been a member of the Kamloops Jewish community center (JCCK) executive for years and although we have perhaps 50 families here and good friends within that group we need to be near a synagogue and Jewish high school for Plonit (anonymous) - that is what we Daven for.

On Shabbos there just happened to be (nothing happens of course without HASHEM) Rabbi Menachem Mendel Koncepolski Shlita from Brazil. Upon explaining the above mentioned problem, he suggested that I contact the Chabad Rabbi in Vancouver Canada.

Dear Rabbi Wineberg, Shlita,
I remember that the Rebbe had a campaign to love each and every Jew so I call upon your help.
I recently was in contact with a woman in Kamloops. There are 3 Orthodox Families in a town of 50 Jewish families but no Schul. I was wondering if you could help them. I met the Chabad Rav of The Yeshiva of San Paulo Brazil in FL and he suggested that you might. Help.
I spoke to the woman on the phone after she wrote me this: I have been a member of the Kamloops Jewish community center (JCCK) executive for years and although we have perhaps 50 families here and good friends within that group we need to be near a synagogue and Jewish high school for etc. My phone number is … in case you ever come across such a Jewish family. Thank you again! Plonit Mama.
I hope that somebody can come and organize at least a Minyan for Tisha B'Av and the High Holidays for these brothers and sisters of ours.
Be well and strong,
Rachamim Pauli
Rosh Kollel Beit Shlomo Kiriat Sefer Yisrael

B'H Rabbi Rachamim this morning I received a call from Rabbi Hecht in Kelowna which is 104 kilometers away from here. I spoke with both him and his wife who have just recently arrived in that city from Chabad Vancouver, BC. None of us had any idea that there now is an Orthodox Rabbi so close to us. If a few of us in the JCCK executive who are as excited by this as we are, can convince the rest of them then we may be able to arrange to host and pay for their travel to Kamloops on a regular basis to have them help us. Melanie and I will meet with them on Monday for the first time. It sounds like Melanie will soon be getting ready for her Bat Mitzvah with their help! There is a boy in town age 16 who also wants to make his Bar Mitzvah. I am so thankful for your help! I will keep you informed of the progress.

I am normally quiet a bit more modest of my work behind the scenes. However this time it was a pure case of Chashkaha Pratis where HASHEM just at this time sent the lady to write to me. I just happened to meet the Chabad Shaliach on Shabbos and he just happened to suggest Rabbi Wineberg to me. The rest fell into place for a community of 50 Jewish Families B”H. This is the power of prayer from a woman out of the depths of her heart for the plight of her daughter finding a Jewish school and for her to get into a community with a Synagogue. The spark has been lit and the fire of Torah and Mitzvos will still burn. All this was done while I am on vacation now a few hours flight from FL and a good distance from Kamloops Canada.

Project number two: A known Charedi entertainer has accounts on Facebook and MySpace claiming that he is unmarried. He starts up with women and claims to be unmarried. He makes very nasty suggestions and has tried preying upon non-Jews wanting to convert. I will not expose the person but will have to see if he falls into the jurisdiction of the Tznius Patrol.

Perkei Avos Chapter 6 Mishnah 6 -7

Please note that it is my desire to finish the Mishnayos in 3 rounds to move on to other projects. Some chapters have many Mishnayos and others have a small amount.

6. Torah is greater than the priesthood or sovereignty, for sovereignty is acquired with thirty virtues, the priesthood with twenty-four, and Torah is acquired with forty-eight qualities.

A King has 30 qualities in which, he governs and a Cohain needs 24 to succeed but a Torah Scholar is above that. We do not preclude Melech Shlomo, David or other righteous and learned kings.

These are: study, listening, verbalizing,

The Torah Scholar studies by learning the Torah through verbalizing and listening to his words. The eye reads, the mouth pronounces and the ear hers even if within his head. This way the learning is more intense and penetrating into the soul.

comprehension of the heart,

This builds up into his heart, brain, soul

awe, fear, humility,

As a result one gains the awe and fear of HASSHEM and this in turn makes him humble after witch the intellectual pursuit will give him joy.

joy, purity,

being engrossed in Torah will lead the joy of understanding new things and even some secrets of creation everyday which in turn leads to purity. What can become impure if one is learning Torah for the sake of heaven. Even if he is not learning for the sake of heaven, eventually it will be for the sake of heaven as the more one learns the greater he builds up his righteousness.

serving the sages,

One learns by serving the sages, just as we saw the young fellow watch how the Rebbe was acting in last week’s story. Rabbi Tuvia Wein of righteous memory told me how he watched the Chofetz Chaim prepare for Shabbos by sewing the Kishka (stuffed intestines).

companionship with one's contemporaries, debating with one's students, tranquility, study of the scriptures, study of the Mishnah, minimizing engagement in business, minimizing socialization, minimizing pleasure, minimizing sleep, minimizing talk, minimizing gaiety, slowness to anger, good heartedness, faith in the sages, acceptance of suffering, knowing one's place, satisfaction with one's lot, qualifying one's words, not taking credit for oneself, likableness, love of G-d, love of humanity, love of charity, love of justice, love of rebuke, fleeing from honor, lack of arrogance in learning, reluctance to hand down rulings, participating in the burden of one's fellow, judging him to the side of merit, correcting him, bringing him to a peaceful resolution [of his disputes], deliberation in study, asking and answering, listening and illuminating, learning in order to teach, learning in order to observe, wising one's teacher, exactness in conveying a teaching, and saying something in the name of its speaker. Thus we have learned: One who says something in the name of its speaker brings redemption to the world, as is stated (Esther 2:22), "And Esther told the king in the name of Mordechai."

From Rabbi A.L. (I was friendly with the son of Rav Shmuel, David and his grandchildren were my son’s age). This was Rav Shmuel's approach to finding a fine boy for your daughter.

One day a Yid from Yerushalayim traveled to Bnei Barak to ask the legendary Rosh Yeshiva of Ponevezh, Rav Shmuel Rozovsky, about a boy in the Yeshiva for his daughter who reached eligible age.

He asked the Rosh Yeshiva how many hours a day the boy learned. Was he punctual in arriving in Seder and did he spend his time diligently. Did he come to davening on time and did he actively participate in Shiur. Did he ask relevant questions and did he understand the answers.

After receiving a favorable report in regard to his questions he thanked Rav Shmuel for his time and began to leave. At that point Rav Shmuel in his gentle and noble manner turned to his Father and said, until now you asked me questions, is it okay if I ask you some questions??

The Father agreed.

It seems to me that you are inquiring about the boy for your daughter and you seem happy with the report that I gave to you. You obviously think that all your daughter needs to know is whether he comes in time and he is a Lamdan (learned). However it is entirely possible that your daughter would like to know if he is a mench or not.

It would seem fitting that you ask me, how often does he brush his teeth. Is he pleasant to sit near. How does he behave in the dining room. Does he arrive first to the dining room and take the biggest portion, or doe he linger after Mincha for a few minutes to learn with a Chavrusa and eat whatever portion is left.

What does he do when the pitcher is empty on the table, does he sit patiently waiting for someone else to fill it up for him or does he run to fill it up himself?? Does he eat the food even if he does not like it and thank them graciously for preparing or does he just go to the nearby kiosk to buy something that he likes??

You come to the conclusion that he is a Masmid, (learns steadily a lot of Torah) did you ask what he does when he finishes learning late at night and his roommates are sleeping?? Does he take off his shoes and tiptoe in so as not to wake them or doe she walk in noisily?? Does he make his bed and keep his things neat??

I think, said Rav Shmuel that you need to check these things out if he is spoiled and he arrives home in the afternoon and does not like the food your daughter worked hard to prepare, his face will crumple in obvious dissatisfaction. Will your daughter then be happy that her Father checked the boy out with the Rosh Yeshiva who told him that he knows every Kitzos and Rebbe Akiva Eiger in Bava Basra?? Will your daughter say, it is true that he has no manners and no social skills but I respect him anyway because he knows all the intricacies of the Sugya (discussion point of the Talmud) of the bees and the mustard in Bava Basra??

An 8 year old boy was murdered in an Orthodox Neighborhood and his body dismantled by a sick individual. Worst of all it was a retarded Orthodox Jew.

A lovely story from Rabbi Brody posted by Michael:​=smajjEtOsHs

So-called Spanish Catholics are really Jews:

Inyanay Diyoma

Saudis buying power hurts the Jews:

America can lose Afghanistan if it does not wake up from the Vietnam Misconception Again!

A five stage tiered anti-missile defense shield.,7340,L-4094829,00.html

Good Shabbos from my vacation. I can only hope that next week I will find some more time for commentary and posting. Have a great Shabbos,

Rachamim Pauli