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Parsha Noach short and sweet, story

1) Correction on how the red in the Hebrew should have been last week. For some reason I guess I did not hit a save button. … 31 And God saw everything that He had made, and, behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day (יוֹם הַשִּׁשִּׁי).

Here we have a combination of Yud and Hay together. Chapter 2.1 starts off with the words (וַיְכֻלּוּ הַשָּׁמַיִם). Thus we stand for Kiddush for witnessing for we add a Vav and a Hay which is the Tetragrammaton of the NAME. The end of the sentence regarding the six days and the start of Shabbos rest is (אֲשֶׁר בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים לַעֲשׂוֹת:). The ending of the words is Aleph, Mem and Tav or Emmet. Thus we stand for HASHEM Emmet and after our witnessing, we sit to make the blessing on wine as our Sages said it is unhealthy to eat or drink standing.

2) As much as I am not politically correct, I do want to be correct with my readers and students. Last week I changed the format from general to very specific on the first four days. It was one time a bit longer than usual this week will be shorter. I would like to see some response from my direct readers and others can contact me @ This week it is shorter.

Even Tourists can experience miracles in Israel:,7340,L-4872993,00.html

Parsha Noach
This week I will only discuss in brief the 7 Mitzvos given after the flood.

6:9 These are the generations of Noach, Noah was a righteous man he was perfect in his generations; Noah walked with God.

Noah walked with God: But concerning Abraham, Scripture says (below 24:40): “[the Lord] before Whom I walked.” Noah required [God’s] support to uphold him [in righteousness], but Abraham strengthened himself and walked in his righteousness by himself. — [Tan. Noach 5]

There is a dispute as to whether Noach was a Tzaddik or what human being was available at the time of the flood that made Noach a Tzaddik. For perhaps in the generation of Avraham or Moshe he would not have been a major player. Perhaps he was a great Tzaddik to resist the temptations of his day. Or he was the best available for his generation.

…9:1 And God blessed Noach and his sons, and said unto them: 'Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth. 2 And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, and upon all wherewith the ground teems, and upon all the fishes of the sea: into your hand are they delivered.

And your dread: Heb. וְחִתְּכֶם, means “your fear,” like (Job 6:21):“You see terror (חֲתַת).” According to the Aggadah (Shab. 151b), however, it is an expression of life (חַיּוּת) , for as long as an infant [even] one day old is alive, there is no need to guard him from mice, but if Og, the king of Bashan is dead, he must be guarded from mice, as it is said: “And your fear and your life shall be.” When will your fear be upon the creatures? As long as you are alive.

Two stories emphasize this: Once there was a Chassidic Rebbe traveling in a carriage from one place to another through a forest. In Russia and the Ukraine, the large forests contain packs of wolves. Once such pack was about to attack the horses on the carriage and perhaps more. The student of the Rebbe and the driver was afraid. The Rebbe told the student that he will say a Psalm and when he signals the student to open the window he should do so. The Rebbe then stuck his head out and the wolves calmed down. He said that HASHEM told Adam that fear of man will be upon them but only a true ben Adam (or in our Parsha a true ben Noach) can do so. For when man asks like a human being then the animals have fear of him.

The other story is from Talmud Bavli Shabbos on the death of David HaMelech. He died on Shavuous and Shlomo sent to the Sages, the Kind is Dead and his body is lying in the sun and the dogs are hungry. They told him, put a loaf of bread on the King or a child and carry him into the shade. Cut up a Nevailah

3 Every moving thing that lives shall be for food for you; as the green herb have I given you all.

Shall be yours to eat: (Sanhedrin 59b) For I did not permit the first man [Adam] to eat meat, but only vegetation, but for you, just as the green vegetation which I permitted for the first man, I have given you everything.

I have always wondered about the French and people from the Far East who eat just about anything that is not tied down and the Pasuk explains it all. Regarding Rashi, after the flood the ground was ruined and did not contain the minerals that it had before.

4 Only flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.

Flesh with its soul: He prohibited them [to eat] a limb [cut off from] a living creature; i.e., as long as its soul is in it, you shall not eat the flesh. — [from Sanh. ad loc.] [i.e., if the limb is cut from the animal while it is alive, it is forbidden to be eaten even after the animal expires.] With its soul, its blood: As long as its soul is within it.

The prohibition of blood for Kashrus is stricter and applies to blood spots in eggs. We have to drain the blood with soaking in water and salting.

5 And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it; and at the hand of man, even at the hand of every man's brother, will I require the life of man.

But your blood: Even though I permitted you to take the life of animals, your blood I will demand of one who sheds his own blood [i.e., who commits suicide]. — [from Gen. Rabbah 34:13, B.K. 91b]  Of your souls: Also one who strangles himself, even though no blood issued from him. — [Gen. Rabbah ad loc.] From the hand of every beast: Since the Generation of the Flood had sinned, and they were abandoned as prey for the wild beasts, which would have power over them, as it is said (Ps. 49:13, 21): “he is compared to the silenced animals” ; therefore, it was necessary to warn the beasts about them [not to kill them]. — [from unknown Midrashic sources] And from the hand of man: From the hand of one who kills intentionally, without witnesses, I will demand [his life]. Cf. Targum Jonathan , verse 6. From the hand of each man, his brother: From the hand of the one who loves him like a brother, and killed him unintentionally, I will demand [punishment], if he does not go into exile nor beg that his iniquity be forgiven. For even the inadvertent sinner requires atonement. If there are no witnesses to sentence him to exile, and he does not humble himself, the Holy One, blessed be He, will demand it of him, as our Rabbis expounded [on the verse] (Exod. 21:13): “And God placed him into his hand,” in Tractate Makkos (10b): the Holy One, blessed be He, causes them to meet at the same inn, etc. [The passage reads: What is this verse speaking of? Of two men, each of whom had murdered a person; one had murdered intentionally and one had murdered unintentionally. This one had no witnesses, and that one had no witnesses. The Holy One, blessed be He, causes them to meet at the same inn; the one who murdered intentionally sits under a ladder, and the one who murdered unintentionally climbs down the ladder, and falls upon him, killing him. The one who murdered intentionally is killed, and the one who killed unintentionally is exiled.]

6 Whoso sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God made He man.

Through man shall his blood be shed: If there are witnesses, you kill him. Why? “For in the image of God, etc.” He made man: This is an elliptical verse. It should read: “the Maker made man,” and there are many such instances in Scripture.

7 And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; swarm in the earth, and multiply therein.'

And you, be fruitful and multiply: According to its simple meaning: the first [mention of this expression] (verse 1) was a blessing, and this [mention] is a commandment. According to its Midrashic interpretation, [it is written here] to compare one who does not engage in propagation to one who sheds blood. — [from Yev. 63b]

The seven universal laws for all mankind.
I went to the Wikipedia and obtained this:

  1. Do not deny God.
  2. Do not blaspheme God.
  3. Do not murder.
  4. Do not engage in illicit sexual relations.
  5. Do not steal.
  6. Do not eat from a live animal.
  7. Establish courts/legal system to ensure obedience to the law.
What I don’t see here is “Be fruitful and multiply” so it either has to be that one and two should be together or related to number 4 above. I don’t know if this is the Jewish Consensus.

8 And God spoke unto Noah, and to his sons with him, saying: 9 'As for Me, behold, I establish My covenant with you, and with your seed after you; 10 and with every living creature that is with you, the fowl, the cattle, and every beast of the earth with you; of all that go out of the ark, even every beast of the earth. 11 And I will establish My covenant with you; neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of the flood; neither shall there anymore be a flood to destroy the earth.'

There will never ever be a universal flood again. A local flood can be but not upon all of mankind.

12 And God said: 'This is the token of the covenant which I make between Me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: 13 I have set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between Me and the earth. 14 And it shall come to pass, when I bring clouds over the earth, and the bow is seen in the cloud, 15 that I will remember My covenant, which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.

Never again will the world undergo a universal flood. However, no Bris was made regarding the other elements which are earth, fire and air.

… 17 And God said unto Noah: 'This is the token of the covenant which I have established between Me and all flesh that is upon the earth.'

This is the sign of the covenant: He showed him [Noah] the bow and said to him, “Here is the sign of which I spoke.” [The expression, “This is,” always denotes that the object is being pointed out by the speaker. Cf. Rashi , Exod. 12:2, 30:13, Lev. 8:5, 11:2.]

Establishing a New World based and inspired by Rabbi Beryl Wein Shlita

Rebuilding a world of lovingkindness instead of the previous order that was Hamas. Rabbi Wein points out that it is easy to get discouraged by mankind with all his weaknesses and faults. Our media points bleak pictures to us. We never see somebody who visits the sick or helps the deaf or blind. Rather we see the terrorist or robber as that makes better coverage than saving somebody from drowning or finding mommy for a lost child.

As much as Avraham tried to inspire the world and even once saved the life of the King of Sodom and released the captives, Rabbi Wein writes: Abraham could not apparently save or even influence Sodom but the story of humanity will now focus on the good people, even if they be few in number and apparently weak in power. This shift of emphasis in the biblical narrative is itself the key to understanding the message of Judaism and Jewish history throughout the ages. We should never despair because of the presence of so much negative evil in the world. Most men do not see the big picture and so the Rainbow appears in their generation.

This does not mean that mankind did not have hope but in the generation of Peleg the people built a tower not on time of a mountain but in a low valley. They did not believe HASHEM about the flood or his Bris and wanted to even fight HASHEM. This is why they got scattered.

From John: I know there's the Halacha for both Jews and Noahides that it's forbidden to speak words of holiness within 6-7 feet of filth. I was wondering if it applies to trash cans which have the filth completely covered and there's no foul odor?

Reply: If you placed baby diapers in the can and it is covered be about 6 feet away from it and turn your back to it. If it is coffee grinds and carrot scrapings and covered, you can stand next to the can and even face it. It is a matter of good taste and common sense. When I travel, I have to use the airport toilets, I usually have my Tephillin in my carry-on in their case and within an unopened suitcase and a Siddur in a bag within the case this is double covering (not transparent). I would not do this at home but it is permitted in airports.

Miracle in Tsfat by Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles:                                        

In the winter of 1980, Rabbi Aharon-Eliezer Ceitlin of Tsfat (Safed) flew to the United States, charged with arranging a gala fund-raising dinner on behalf of the Chabad institutions in his city. He arrived in New York about two months before the scheduled date in order to take care of all the necessary preparations.

He had never organized such an event before. There was a myriad of technical details: renting a hall, printing and mailing invitations, advertisements, speakers, entertainment, etc. Whenever he had a problem, he asked for the Lubavitcher Rebbe's advice, which he duly received and implemented. On his own initiative, the Rebbe even donated the first $40.

It was the seventh of the Jewish month of Tevet and the night of the affair was fast approaching, when the telephone in Rabbi Ceitlin's temporary office rang. Rabbi Leibel Groner, the Rebbe's secretary, was on the line with an urgent message: I have something for you from the Rebbe!

On his way, Rabbi Ceitlin's mind raced furiously, but he could not imagine what the Rebbe might want to give him…Breathless, he entered the secretary's room.

Rabbi Groner pulled a large package from his drawer. In it was a bottle of vodka, fifty $1 bills, and a note in the Rebbe's handwriting which read, "Enclosed is my participation in the Melave Malka: nun [50] dollars and a kankan yash [container of liquor]. May it be G-d's will that everything should be a great success."

Rabbi Ceitlin was flabbergasted. The Rebbe had already "participated" with his donation of $40. Why the additional fifty $1 bills? Why the vodka, so many days is advance? Why did he refer to the bottle as a "kankan"? That he specified the amount of his donation was also uncommon. And why in such an unusual way: "nun", not "fifty" or "50"? The Rebbe's secretary could not offer an interpretation.

Rabbi Ceitlin left the office puzzled, but full of joy at the special interest the Rebbe had shown him. That evening, he still could not get over what had happened. He paced back and forth in the living room, unable to calm down. Something made him return to the office to continue working. He took the package with him, tucked securely in the inner pocket of his overcoat. The time was 9 p.m.

As he walked, a car drew up alongside him. It was Naftali Greenwald, his brother-in-law who lived in the neighborhood. Naftali rolled down his window, and Ceitlin leaned over to talk with him. Suddenly, they heard a terrifying voice: "Your money or you're dead."

Rabbi Ceitlin's blood froze in his veins. He slowly turned. Although 6'4" tall himself, he had to look up to see the threatening, icy eyes that stared down at him. It was a mountainous black man, and he was pointing a gun right at Ceitlin's forehead.

Rabbi Ceitlin quickly glanced down the street. It was deserted. Instinctively, he put his hand in his coat pocket. His fingers touched the bottle of vodka and the packet with the Rebbe's dollars, but they refused to come out. Something told him that the man was only interested in those dollar bills, and with them he refused to part. Yet, he did not think the man would be satisfied with money from his other pockets. What to do?

Suddenly, the roar of the car engine shattered the silence. Naftali had stepped on the gas with the car in neutral, hoping the noise would scare the thief away. Instead, the black man became enraged. He aimed his gun at the driver and pulled the trigger. The same moment the bullet struck the metal door, the car shot forward. Rabbi Ceitlin, who was now alone with the gunman, began yelling with all his might, at the same time trying to back away.

The mugger again raised his gun and aimed it at Ceitlin. Holding it with both hands, he shot from point blank range!

Rabbi Ceitlin kept shouting and backing away. Astonished, the gunman turned and fled. Twice he looked back to see if Ceitlin was really still there.

Rabbi Ceitlin was in a state of shock. He knew he had been shot at, but he did not feel any pain. He pinched himself. He ran his hand over his body, searching for wounds. He could not smell any blood. He began to think he dreamt it all.

A few minutes later, his brother-in-law arrived with three police cars, to find Rabbi Ceitlin as still clutching the Rebbe's package in his pocket. Suddenly they realized a double miracle had occurred. The first bullet had passed through the flesh of Rabbi Greenwald's hand, without hitting a bone or a nerve. The greater miracle: Rabbi Ceitlin was not injured at all!

New of what had happened spread like wildfire. The attack publicized the dinner that was to be held only a few days later better than any advertisement. Everyone would come to the dinner organized by the "hero" of the day.

Those who attended where surprised to see Rabbi Groner sitting at the dais. After Rabbi Ceitlin told his story to the rapt audience, Rabbi Groner was invited to speak. He began:

"It is written in the Gemara (Berachot 57a) that one who sees Huna in a dream will have a miracle happen to him. If he sees Chanina, Chananya, Yochanan, or Nisi, many miracles will occur. However, this applies only if he sees these names in writing. Why in writing rather than their faces? Rashi explains that all these names contain the letter nun, the first letter of the word -- miracle."

Rabbi Groner went on to suggest an explanation of the Rebbe's unusual note.

"The Rebbe specified the number of dollar bills in order to use the letter nun. He also referred to the bottle of vodka as a kankan, rather than the usual word for bottle, bakbuk, because kankan contains two nuns, representing the double miracle that would take place."

In the end, the dinner was a tremendous success, and so the second part of the Rebbe's note was fulfilled as well: "May it be G-d's will that everything should be a great success."
Source: Adapted by Yerachmiel Tilles from Wonders and Miracles Vol. 2, published in Ascent Quarterly #25, and supplemented with details from his neighbor, Rabbi A.E. Ceitlin of the story. (Photos courtesy of

Biographical notes:
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe (11 Nissan 1902 - 3 Tammuz 1994), became the seventh Rebbe of the Chabad dynasty after his father-in-law, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, passed away in Brooklyn on 10 Shvat 1950. He is widely acknowledged as the greatest Jewish leader of the second half of the 20th century. Although a dominant scholar in both the revealed and hidden aspects of Torah and fluent in many languages and scientific subjects, the Rebbe is best known for his extraordinary love and concern for every Jew on the planet. His emissaries around the globe dedicated to strengthening Judaism number in the thousands. Hundreds of volumes of his teachings have been printed, as well as dozens of English renditions.

Rabbi Aharon-Eliezer Ceitlin [8 Tishrei 5714 - 2 Mar-Cheshvan 5776 (Sept. 17, 1953 - Oct. 15, 2015 C.E.)] was a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary in Tzefat, Israel for 40 years, who dedicated his life to Jewish education. A large man with a flowing beard and a booming voice, equally at home in Yiddish, English and Hebrew, he was often invited to address Chassidic gatherings across the globe, where he would speak passionately about Torah, Judaism and chasidut.

Yeshu’s Tomb shows a hidden layer underneath:,7340,L-4871251,00.html

Fiji President lands in Eilat on way to his troops in Sinai due to the weather:,7340,L-4871378,00.html

Resigns after harassment charges surface:

Two generals vie for Deputy Chief of Staff position. It is tradition that half the term of the COS one general serves and at mid-point in the appointment he chooses from two others. I will be happy to Golan go as he is anti-Settler and too leftist for my taste. Also orders have filtered down about Charedim shaving their beards.,7340,L-4872197,00.html In the end Kochavi was chosen.

From Albert L. (He is an Israeli who cannot vote but knows my preferences.) No-Partisan Gematria.
Someone just sent me this: The Gematria of "Donald Trump" is "Moshiach ben David"!
דונלד טראמפ = 424 = משיח בן דוד
טראמפ= 330

Not wanting to be a one-party animal, I took the liberty of gematrifying הילרי קלינטון. Hillary Clinton
Look at what I found. First of all her first and last names have identical gematriyas
הילרי = 5+10+30+200+10 = 255
Now 255 is gematriya עמלקיה -
Amalekia that's a female member of Amalek

Rick Santorum blasts two politicians who cannot even keep their public pledge made less than a few months before:

Inyanay Diyoma

Anti-Semite loses money over his BDS he should lose all support:

There are 5 parts you can click next or previous:,7340,L-4869986,00.html spy vs. spy.

4 Torah Scrolls stolen from the Ave O Synagogue returned.

ABC poll in which Hillary was winning had used only 29% Republicans. I smell baked fish. Here is a poll:

Yemen Rebels attack Mecca I guess they are honoring the Haj.,7340,L-4871379,00.html

Sotah 49B in the generation before Moshiach, Chutzpa will be the in thing – my translation. Clinton tries to laugh off the new FBI investigation. If she wins case closed if Trump wins then she is going where she and Bill belong.,7340,L-4871584,00.html

Dr. Martin Sherman: Ed-Op on US Elections into the Fray:

Mosul Sunnis to be taken over by Shiites a recipe for no good.

Doubly ignorant disregard for safety: 1) Visiting Sinai with ISIS creeps all over. 2) Wet feet working on electricity.,7340,L-4871724,00.html

Bill requires ISP’s to filter out Pornography from the internet unless specifically requested otherwise.

Car ramming attack and later rock attack injures 3 Border Patrolmen and child.,7340,L-4872129,00.html

This is not against ISIS as much as it is against the Syrian Rebels and perhaps Israel.’s-Tel-Afar-op-is-in-sync-with-Russia-in-Syria

More Dangers Candidate in France than Marie Le Pen.

Two soldiers take bribes to let Arabs through check points. It was not stated if they were Jewish or one of the minorities:

Some people have already voted and others have made their minds up but only one person can move US Embassy to Yerushalayim:

World is silent except about Israel. Ed-Op from Dror Ben Yemeni:,7340,L-4872522,00.html

PLO “policeman” carries out terror attack wounds three with “legal” rifle:

Comptroller warns of weakness to cyber-attacks.,7340,L-4873259,00.html

It was announced this week that the rail system will go up close to the Kotel. Now a light rail to Maale Adumim.

Attempted stabbing leads to a PLO Street named after another Shachid:,7340,L-4874152,00.html

Court Rules that Prime Minister cannot hold three more posts:,7340,L-4874005,00.html

Israel invents a peptide that may cure AIDS.

The great achievement of Clinton-Kerry-Obama at the bazaar:

As ISIS loses in Mosul the call goes out for more homicide bombers in western countries:

A peaceful and good Shabbos to all and as it gets cooler take care of your health,

Rachamim Pauli